Gamevil Begins Pre-Registration For Strategy Game Gardius Empire

Gardius Empire

Gamevil has opened up pre-registration for its upcoming hybrid strategy and RPG game. A far cry from strategy RPG games like Final Fantasy Tactics and The Alchemist Code, Gardius Empire combines hero collection mechanics with empire building elements from titles like Game of War.

The combination leads to players collecting and powering up heroes and dealing with a map screen seen in many mobile strategy games. Players will be able to take their heroes into battles for some flashy action scenes.

As part of the game’s pre-registration campaign, early birds (users that login within 30 days of the game’s launch) will receive 300 diamonds. Users who pre-register through Gamevil’s website will also receive unspecified exclusive rewards.

Gamevil ran a beta test for the game this February to try and find and squash any bugs that users had come across. As with other Gamevil betas, progress made during the beta test will not carry over to the game’s launch. Gardius Empire is scheduled to be released some time in June 2018.

Gamevil is best known for games like Punch Hero, Dragon Blaze, and Kritaka: The White Knights. Its most recent release was the hero collection RPG ArcheAge Begins, launched late last year. Prior to that Gamevil released the strategy RPG War of Crown, which was subsequently shut down earlier this year. The publisher has also been active when it comes to holding closed beta tests for their games, including limited tests for Giants War, Heir of Light, and most recently Royal Blood.

Gardius Empire will be free and contain in app purchases when it launches. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description with more information:

Enter the Legendary World of Gods and Heroes!

  • Embark on an outstanding visual experience and battle-riddled adventure to re-write the fate of the Gardius Empire.
  • Prepare for the ultimate battle for the throne.

Summon and collect powerful mythical heroes!

  • Strategically create your ultimate army by choosing heroes of various attributes.
  • Evolve and upgrade your heroes to increase combat power.

Immerse yourself in a larger-than-life battle!

  • Battle for the throne in celestial wars. Conquer the Royal Palace, and become supreme Commander!
  • Hunt monsters and mine natural resources with and against other players worldwide.

Upgrade and build your own empire!

  • Collect resources and upgrade your base and army.
  • Customize your base by discovering and unlocking new content.

Interested? Check out the strategy game on Google Play.

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