War Game RPG Hybrid Gardius Empire Now Available Worldwide

Gardius Empire

After a closed beta test and pre-registration that offered some bonus loot, Gamevil has released their new strategy game on Android and iOS. Gardius Empire combines the standard mobile war game formula with RPG elements and hero collection.

Gardius Empire shares the same world map mechanics as many popular mobile strategy games like Game of War and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, along with many of the gameplay elements people like and dislike about those games. That means lots of timers as players travel from one location to the next in order to initiate an attack and ample opportunities for PVP encounters. It also means that players who buy premium currency can quickly surpass free to play users and dominate the battlefield.

Like the recently released Iron Throne and currently soft launched The War of Genesis, Gardius Empire goes beyond the typical mobile strategy game formula by mixing in RPG elements. Players in Gardius Empire will need to collect a variety of heroes using the game’s gacha summoning system in order to strengthen their empire.

The RPG elements of the game really come into play when players try out the game’s expedition mode. The campaign puts their team of heroes up against waves of different enemies in a mode that will fill familiar to anyone who has played games like Heroes Charge. That means lots of fighting, but not a lot of player input beyond activating skills.

As is the case with other Gamevil games, progress made during Gardius Empire’s closed beta test was wiped and everyone starts off with a clean slate.

Gamevil is a Korean publisher and sometimes developer that is best known for titles like Dragon Blaze and Kritika: The White Knights. The company has been fairly busy in the past year with a number of notable releases like ArcheAge Begins, and currently has a couple of games in their pre-registration phase with more that are running or have wrapped up their closed beta tests.

Gardius Empire is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is a cinematic trailer with an introduction to the world of Gardius Empire:

Interested? Check out the new strategy game on Google Play.

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