Gamevil’s Giants War Enters Closed Beta on Android

Giants War

Publisher Gamevil will be conducting what is calling a closed beta test for their upcoming gacha RPG game Giants War, developed by Singta. The beta test is set to run until 7:00 PDT on October 26th . It will only be available in Canada, South Korea and the United States on both Android and iOS. Giants War, like many gacha games, has players collect and power up various heroes as they take on increasingly stronger opponents. According to Gamevil, Giants War also has a strong focus on base building, allowing players to build up their facilities and defenses as they see fit based on their available resources.

Players looking to jump in early should be aware that data from the this beta test will not transfer over to the game when it launches, but Gamevil has stated that users who complete the beta survey will have a chance to win some prizes.

Publisher Gamevil is known for such games as Dragon Blaze, the Zenonia series, and Cartoon Wars 3. They have another upcoming game, the RPG ArcheAge Begins, which is currently accepting pre-registration and will launch later in October.

Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description with more information:

[Game Features]

Build an army
-Summon and train a squad of heroes to fight against mighty Giants
-Choose how you develop your base – manage your resources, build defense towers, or recruit Giants to fight on your side!

Unlock your full potential
-Enhance and upgrade exclusive abilities for each hero
-Collect and craft the strongest gear for additional stats and benefits

Intense gameplay
-Build up your Finisher Gauge during battle to use powerful Finisher Skills!
-Every hero has unique quests to embark on. Make sure to discover them all!

Explore and conquer
-The vast world of Giants War can be uncovered with the simple tap of a button
-Fill up your Fever Star Gauge and enter Fever Mode to get bonus rewards on your expedition!

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