Gamevil Has 5 New Games Scheduled For 2018


As part of today’s Q2 financial presentation, the South Korean publisher reiterated its commitment to launch 5 new games in 2018. Gamevil’s scheduled 2018 releases include two sports games, a pair of RPGs, and a casual PVP puzzle game.

While these results are from the company’s Korean presentation, Gamevil has a global approach to mobile gaming and seldom releases South Korean exclusive titles.


Scheduled to launch this September, Talion is Gamevil’s latest attempt at a successful mobile MMORPG. The game will aim to give mobile gamers extensive character customization options, 20 vs 20 PVP, and a 3D open world. Created by Shadowblood developer UTPlus, Talion will also include an optional auto play mode that will automatically complete quests, a highly polarizing feature.

Players may recall that Talion was previously available on Google Play during the game’s public closed beta test. As anticipated, data from the test has been reset and everyone will be able to start fresh when the game launches.


Developed internally, Elune will be another turn based hero collection game. Players will have access to a slew of fantasy characters and head into battle with their favorite 5 person party. The game will likely feel very familiar to those who have played games like Knights Chronicles or Summoners War in the past.

Elune was previously available in South Korea as part of the game’s beta test, and is scheduled to launch in October 2018.


Gamevil’s upcoming NBA game is scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter of this year and will attempt to provide a unique mobile basketball experience. NBA Now is designed to be played in portrait mode and will be built around “one-touch” gameplay. In practice developers touting one-touch gameplay often use it as a way of saying the game will be simplified for mobile audiences, so players should not expect an NBA 2K style experience from NBA NOW.

The limited information available about the game shows off official NBA court designs, teams, and gameplay that has players make binary defensive choices as they watch the game play out. Outside of matches, gamers will be able to collect players and manage their own team.

Baseball Superstars

The Korean publisher’s popular baseball franchise will be making a comeback this year with its first entry since Baseball Superstars 2013. Scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter, the upcoming game will take a very lighthearted, fantasy approach to baseball. That means outlandish characters and animations that players are unlikely to find in Baseball simulation titles. This will also be the series’ first 3D entry.

Cosmo Duel

Previously available during its closed beta test, Kong Studio’s Cosmo Duel is a real-time PVP puzzle game that has players matching tiles against their opponent.

The Past, Present, and Future

In the past year Gamevil has had very limited success with its new releases. Strategy RPG War of Crown was shut down less than a year after it first launched, and the same fate befell hero collection game ArcheAge Begins. Other new releases have not proven to be particularly popular either. Of its three major new releases, Royal Blood, Giants War, and Heir of Light, only Heir of Light has passed the 500,000 download mark on Google Play. None of the three are currently among the top 500 grossing titles on Google Play in the United States, Germany, the Philippines, or United Kingdom. Two of the three are in the top 500 in South Korea.

Going forward the publisher has a number of games on the table beyond just the five listed. Gamevil has previously announced that it is working on a mobile version of racing game Project CARS, and a sequel to the popular Fishing Superstars. Of the games scheduled to launch in 2018, Talion and Elune will have to compete in the crowded RPG market against already popular games like Lineage 2: Revolution and newer titles that have achieve a measure of popularity like MARVEL Strike Force. The company’s sports titles may find fewer competitors but Baseball Superstars could take away gamers that would otherwise play one of Gamevil’s existing baseball titles. Though future success is far from certain, gamers do have five new titles to look forward to this year.

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