Sci-Fi Strategy Game “Galactic Frontline” Has Gone Global

Galactic Frontline

In the past year NetEase Games has quickly become one of the bigger mobile publishers around thanks to a number of popular releases. Their MMORPG Crusaders of Light is one of the few mobile MMORPGs that resemble traditional PC MMORPG experienced, and they have released a trio battle royale shooters that have captured people’s attention (along with millions of downloads each). More recently the company has released the gacha game Onmyoji and ran a beta test for FortCraft, another battle-royale title. Now the company has launched its new science fiction strategy game Galactic Frontline.

Galactic Frontier is a strategy game that has players summon units using a constantly refilling pool of energy. The basic mechanic used in games like Clash Royale, Mighty Battles, and the upcoming Battle Boom, is not new. What this game does differently is everything around this basic mechanic.

Aside from the rarely used space setting, players can choose one of three races to play as. They can play as the Terrans, the mystical and mysterious Ensari, or the demon-like Zoltarians. Players choose a race at the start of the game but they can create a new character by choosing a new race. The story of the game’s races is told through the game’s campaign mode which features cut-scenes with voice acting. Of course there is also the option to play against other players in the game’s PVP mode.

Outside of the game’s combat players can unlock and upgrade the game’s numerous ships, open up loot crates, and upgrade their combat units using the game’s technology tree system. Though by no means comparable to the tech trees in games like Civilization, it does give players another means of customizing their ships.

Combat itself has players put out four escort ships that augment their base ship while trying to take down their opponent’s base ship. To take down their opponents players will need to build combat ships. During each match players have empty slots for up to 6 combat ships, each with their own energy cost and timer. This takes away some of the chance elements present in games like South Park: Phone Destroyer as players need not worry about having a particular card on hand. There are also player skills that can help turn the tide of battle, but the gameplay is largely about managing your ship production and adjusting it according to a battle’s conditions.

The new strategy game was already available in select regions as part of its soft launch phase.

Galactic Frontline is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:


  • Battle in real-time, anytime!
  • Challenge players worldwide!
  • Build and command an interstellar fleet!
  • Collect over 50 different combat units and tactical escort vessels.
  • Follow an epic storyline and explore a galaxy at war.
  • Lead an alliance against the world’s best!
  • Join exciting global tournaments!

Interested and in one of the soft launch regions? Check out the strategy game on Google Play.

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