Multiplayer Shooter FRAG Begins Beta Test


Oh Bibi, the French developer behind SUP Multiplayer Racing and LoL Kart, has started the beta test for their upcoming multiplayer shooter FRAG. Built around short matches in a small arena with a few opportunities for ambushes, the game looks to be all about constant action. With bright colors and zany weapons, FRAG is a PVP focused hero shooter that offers players a chance to build a team using the game’s 40+ heroes, each with their own playstyle and unique ability.

The hero upgrading system may be a sticking point for some as it can create an uneven playing field where players are defeated because of something other than skill or strategy. The game’s use of a auto shooting, with the player controlling movement and aiming, may also put off some gamers.

Despite its team based shooter appearance, FRAG is actually a head to head game where each player chooses his or her team of heroes and controls one hero at a time. Players will be able to quickly switch between heroes in order to always be where the action is. The ability to quickly switch characters combined with ultra quick 3 minute matches will likely lead to a lot more action and a faster pace than the current crop of battle royale games.

Outside of the game’s heroes and quick matches, FRAG promises numerous social features that allow players to create clubs, record and share gameplay, and more.

Players looking to test out FRAG can apply to try out the game’s beta on FRAG’s official website. The game is expected to soft launch in select markets on July 9th, 2018, and its global release date is expected to be some time in early 2019.

FRAG is free and contains in app purchases. Here is a trailer with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the new shooter on Google Play.

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