Atmospheric Puzzle Adventure FRACTER Coming to Android Later This Month


4L Games has announced that their upcoming atmospheric puzzle adventure game FRACTER will launch on Android and iOS later this month. The debut trailer shows off the darkness that players will be able to venture into on Friday, July 13th.

Looking to bring together elements from titles like Playdead’s Inside and ustwo Games’ Monument Valley, the isometric puzzle game will have players explore a dark labyrinth filled with threatening creatures. Beyond just enemies, the labyrinth’s darkness hides a range of puzzles for players to solve and secrets to discover.

Since the release of Limbo, there have been numerous games that have attempted to emulate the Playdead’s popular indie platformer. Some Android titles have gotten to the point of appearing to be Limbo knock-offs, while others seem to have taken inspiration from Limbo’s presentation or overall atmosphere.

While FRACTER’s new trailer shows off a game that has some similarities to Limbo, thanks to a dark world filled with sinister creatures aiming to take down the game’s young hero, but the upcoming adventure game has plenty of elements that help it stand out. This is in part thanks to an entirely different art style, 3D isometric graphics, and a focus on puzzle solving rather than platforming.

FRACTER will be $3.99 when it launches on July 13th, 2018. Here is the game’s debut trailer with a look at the dark world of FRACTER:

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