Puzzle Adventure Game FRACTER Coming To Android This Summer


Fans of dark atmospheric games like Limbo have a new title to look forward to. 4L Games’ FRACTER will bring has players journey through the darkness and solve numerous puzzles. Devoid of color, the game promises a poetic narrative as players explore its black and white world.

FRACTER follows a young hero on a journey to dispel the darkness that has enveloped the world. Players will need to use use light to explore the shadowy world they find themselves in, find secrets, and solve puzzles.

Since the release of Limbo, there have been numerous games that have attempted to emulate the Playdead’s popular indie platformer. Some Android titles have gotten to the point of appearing to be Limbo knock-offs, while others seem to have taken inspiration from Limbo’s presentation or overall atomsphere.

Gamers not looking for another Limbo clone will be happy to know that FRACTER has not gone in that direction. While the game does appear to have a similar overall feel, with a young hero tasked with navigating a strange world shrouded in darkness, 4L’s new title seems to offer quite a different experience. The game is 3D and appears to be less focused on platforming instead choosing to focus on having puzzles that are stand out from the rest of the game.

FRACTER is scheduled to be released on Android and iOS this summer. There is no trailer for the game at this time, but here’s a look at one of FRACTER’s puzzles:

FRACTER puzzle

Interested? Check out the game’s official website.

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