NetEase Games’ New Battle Royale Game FortCraft Enters Beta


Update:As of March 18th, FortCraft’s beta test has finished. Stay tuned for news about the game’s launch.

While Epic Games’ official port of their popular battle royale game Fortnite is still months away from making an appearance on Android, another company is trying to beat Epic to the punch. NetEase Games, the company behind mobile battle royale heavyweights Survival Royale, Knives Out and Rules of Survival, has launched a public beta test for their next game. FortCraft attempts to bring a lot of elements that players like about Fornite to mobile. NetEase has promised that FortCraft will run on many older devices.

FortCraft gives players the opportunity to go up against 99 other combatants in a battle royale match on a 4×4 km map to see who the last person standing is. The game’s hook is that it features crafting that allows players to set up their own defensive structures on the go. Players will be able to gather the necessary materials to craft that which they desire by destroying items.

Heads up: Although FortCraft can be downloaded on unsupported devices. Players who download the game on such a device will be disappointed to find an error message telling them that their device is not supported after they update the game.

FortCraft is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description:

  • Fully destructible environments. Grab your trusty hammer and smash your way through vehicles, trees, buildings, and anything else in your way to collect materials.
  • Build structures on-the-fly in any shape or manner you desire. River in your path? No worries, build yourself a bridge as you cross. High mountains blocking the way? Build a ladder and keep moving. Or build a tower to reach new heights, you may even find a surprise or two. And of course, when it comes to the crunch, a solid fortress will help you get that final win.
  • Arm yourself to the teeth with 12 unique weapons of 5 classes (pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, rifle and sniper rifle). You may also experience the pleasure of destroying your enemies with special weapons such as bazookas, grenade launchers, and flamethrowers.
  • Play your way! There are currently 3 different modes available. Each supports your own customizable interface. Change the UI’s size, position and transparency to create your most comfortable and effective controls. That said, the default setting is also a good choice~

Interested? Check out the battle royale game on Google Play.

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