Epic’s Fornite Battle Royale Coming to Mobile Devices

Fornite Battle Royale Android

In a surprising move, Epic Games has announced that the immensely popular Fornite Battle Royale will be coming to mobile devices in the near future.

Fornite Battle Royale is free to play a 100 player battle royale game with stylized visuals. The mobile version of the game promises to be the full Fornite Battle Royale experience, with the same map, the same gameplay and content. Epic has even mentioned that the game will support both cross play and cross progression between PS4, PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Starting on March 12th, iOS users will be able to sign up for the game’s Invite Event, and the invites are scheduled to start going out soon after that.

While the game has also been announced for Android, Fornite will arrive first on iOS and will be available on Android “in the next few months”. Android users excited about the game should be aware that the game’s iOS requirements are quite high relative to most mobile games. The requirements for the upcoming iOS Invite Event are an iPad Air 2, iPhone 6S or better. That might rule out a lot of mid range and dated Android devices. To put that in perspective, the upcoming Shadowgun Legends has been tested on an iPhone 5S.

This is in part surprising because this could put Epic Games’ Fornite in direct competition with two Player Unknown’s Battleground titles from Tencent. Tencent owns a significant portion of Epic Games. It should be noted that Tencent’s battle royale titles are currently only available in China.