Forged Fantasy Is a Swords and Sorcery Version of Hero Hunters

Forged Fantasy

If your biggest problem with Hothead Games’ Hero Hunters was the setting, you might be in luck. The Canadian developer has launched an early access version of Forged Fantasy, a cover based fantasy RPG that feels almost identical to their popular urban sci-fi shooter.

Like Hero Hunters, Forged Fantasy is a hero collection game that lets players collect, upgrade, and battle a team of heroes in arenas filled with waist-high walls to hide behind. The biggest different between the two games is also the most obvious, the setting.

While Hero Hunters took gamers into an urban environment filled with sci-fi weapons, heroes with special abilities and a few mechs, Forged Fantasy does basically the same thing with a fantasy setting. Guns are swapped out for bows and magic spells, with close range combat moving towards characters that use swords and fists to settle things. With that being said, Forged Fantasy is still a third person shooter at its core. Unless they choose to take control of a melee hero, players will spend most of their time popping in and out of cover while shooting their enemies using bows, magic spells, and special abilities.

Forged Fantasy is still early in its development stage and players looking for a complete and polished experience won’t find it here at this time. The game is missing most of its content, with core modes like PVP and raids still labeled as “coming soon”, the hero roster is also far from being complete.

At this time Forged Fantasy is only available in the United States and Canada.

Forged Fantasy is free to play and will eventually contain ads and in app purchases, but neither are currently in the game.

Interested? Check out the fantasy shooter on Google Play.

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