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FLAME vs BLAZE Is a New MOBA from Square Enix

Square Enix has launched their new 3 on 3 MOBA FLAME vs BLAZE (sometimes styled FLAME Versus BLAZE) on iOS, and the Android version currently has a target release window of November 2017. The game is free to play, with in app purchases on iOS and gamers can expect the same on Android.

FLAME vs BLAZE is a multiplayer online battle arena where 6 players battle against each other using skills, monsters they’ve tamed, and bosses that they have powered up. During the first half of the match players are tasked with collecting mana which powers up their side’s sleeping boss / “reactor” by defeating enemies. In the second half the reactors wake up and join the fight. The first side to defeat the enemy reactor wins.

The game touts itself as being free to play friendly, here is an excerpt from the iTunes description and an official trailer with some more information on the game:

◆Free-to-Play Friendly! Just Battle!

After each match you’ll earn “Scratch-off Tickets” and “Midas” currency, regardless of if you win or lose!
Scratch-Off Tickets contain equipment “Cards” that you equip to your agents to strengthen them in battle! With many different card effects to choose from, the possibilities for strategizing are endless!
The more you play, the stronger you’ll become!

◆Clear Missions for Rewards!

Fulfill mission objectives to earn rewards, such as the premium “Topaz” currency to buy cards or agents in the Shop!
You can also obtain agent stories and agent-specific equipment cards by clearing Agent Missions!

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