Flame vs Blaze Closing On iOS, Android Version Cancelled

Flame vs Blaze

Square Enix has announced that service for the iOS version of their multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) Flame vs Blaze. Service will be ending on February 14th, and the game’s IAPs are no longer available. The Android version, which was expected to be released as early as November, has been cancelled. Flame vs Blaze was launched in October 2017, making this a swift shutdown. The official reason given was that the developers were “…unable to provide the level of support and quality that measures up to both our company’s standards and that of our players’ expectations.” Although quick, the cancellation should not come as a complete shock, as the game’s social account has been silent for almost all of November and there was little evidence that it had been able to pick up any traction with fans.

Square Enix has had a mixed record on Android. They have released a number of remakes and ports of their classic titles, and those have generally been well received. The same can be said of a number of their original Final Fantasy mobile games like Final Fantasy Record Keepers and Brave Exvious. They have also had a number of games that have not done well, like the disappointing King’s Knight and Pinball Monsters, the latter of which holds currently has a dreadful 3.0 star rating on Google Play.

This cancellation comes on the heels of Nexon Mobile cancelling Dragon Nest 2: Legend, which was in its soft launch phase.

FLAME vs BLAZE was a multiplayer online battle arena where 6 players battle against each other using skills, monsters they’ve tamed, and bosses that they have powered up. During the first half of the match players are tasked with collecting mana which powers up their side’s sleeping boss / “reactor” by defeating enemies. In the second half the reactors wake up and join the fight. The first side to defeat the enemy reactor would win the game. The game was free to play and offered in app purchases.

Here’s a trailer of the game that was: