Netmarble’s Fishing Strike Has Soft Launched in a Few Markets

Fishing Strike

Netmarble’s new fishing game has arrived for gamers in Canada, Denmark, Malaysia, Singapore Sweden, and Turkey. Fishing Strike combines fishing in exotic locales with gacha hero collection elements and augmented reality fish viewing. The game was first made available early on March 21st, 2018 but the servers had not opened until that evening. This earned the game some negative reviews from frustrated fans who were unable to play the game after downloading it.

The new mobile fishing game takes elements from gacha games, RPGs, fishing games, and adds some optional augmented reality and virtual reality to the mix. Gamers will travel the world fishing and collecting anglers with their own unique skills as they try to catch unique species to fill their collection. Players will be able to unleash their fish on the world with the game’s AR features and browse their collecting in the game’s VR enabled aquarium.

Fishing Strike will let players try their luck at 6 different locations across 6 continents. They will be able to fishing in Florida, on the Amazon River, the North Sea, the Mozenbique Channel, the Yangtze River, and Australia’s Coral Sea. The game promises players over 400 fish to catch, and 36 anglers. Players in those countries that jump in early will be able to participate in a limited time daily reward event that runs until early April 8th.

Fishing Strike is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Game Features

  • Angler Skills and a feeling of tension!
    Gather Anglers to fish and grow with! Get the tense feeling of fishing with your Anglers and their exciting skills!
  • World-renowned Fishing Spots rendered in Realistic Graphics! Perfectly modeled Fish!
    Catch over 500 types of Fish that truly look real-to-life in perfectly-rendered, world-renowned Fishing Holes!
  • Appreciate your Aquarium even more with VR and AR!
    Go make your own Aquarium, and bring it to life with VR Mode! Then get a 360-degree view of fish moving realistically with AR Mode!

Interested? Check out the new fishing game on Google Play.

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