Fishing Strike Review: Fishing and Hero Collection

Fishing Strike

The Basics

  • Name: Fishing Strike
  • From: Netmarble & Wemadeplus
  • Genre: Sports, Fishing
  • Price: Free, with IAPs

The Details

  • Installed size: 255 mb
  • Best played in medium sessions
  • Minor bugs experienced
  • Playable Offline: No

What is Fishing Strike?

Fishing Strike is a new fishing game from Netmarble, the company behind Lineage 2: Revolution. The game combines fishing, hero collection, and RPG mechanics while adding AR and VR features to the mix.

The core of Fishing Strike boils down to picking a team of anglers (heroes), choosing a fishing spot, and heading into battle. Each spot has several different types of fish, and that might include rare, legendary, and extremely rare named fish. Players then cast line as close to the target location as possible, and wait for a fish to bite. After a fish bites, players engage in what is best described as a fishing battle. Players constantly reel in their catch while making sure that the line doesn’t snap, and that the fish doesn’t get away. Once the fish’s health bar is depleted, it’s reeled in and added to the player’s collection.

Outside of the fishing campaign, Fishing Strike also has an aquarium where players can display their favorite fish and compete to have the best tank (rankings are based on the fish and toys contained in the tank). There is also a PVP mode that is played against an opposing player’s AI controlled team, and a time attack mode where players need to reel in their catch as quickly as possible. Of course there are also plenty of opportunities to upgrade one’s anglers, fishing gear, and fishing boat.

Fishing Strike gameplay


Fishing Strike does a number of things well, but it also has a few glaring flaws. On one hand there are a lot of different fish, a variety of fishing environments, and no shortage of content. On the other hand, the game gets quite repetitive, leans heavily towards being pay to win, and the core gameplay mechanics are neither relaxing or particularly exciting.

Players looking to catch a lot of different fish and put them on display will find a lot to like here. Fishing Strike offers a tremendous variety of fish to catch, including some massive sharks. Once caught these fish can be put on display, or viewed via the game’s augmented and virtual reality viewing modes.

That being said, the game quickly becomes repetitive. As one might imagine, players will have to fish in any given spot quite a few times if they hope to catch every fish available in that spot. If they want to advance in the game’s campaign they will need to do just that (excluding special and named fish). That can easily mean dozens of attempts, with each lasting a couple of minutes and often times not providing any sort of challenge. It eventually boils down to waiting for the game’s auto mode to finish rather than actually playing the game.

There is also the issue of monetization. While Fishing Strike gives players plenty of opportunities to spend their premium currency, it is also not shy about giving players more gems as rewards. The problem is that significant elements of the game either require premium currency or even real money purchases. Things like new gear can be purchased using gold, but there are superior version that can be purchased with gems or found in the game’s loot crates. Eventually players realize that even the large amounts of gems that the game gives out are only a drop in the bucket if they hope to purchase one of the game’s best boats or fishing rods. The game’s high-end aquariums, which give different bonuses, can only be purchased with real money. Overall while the game is certainly playable for free users, paying users are given a significant advantage from the start and that advantage only gets bigger as players progress.

Overall Fishing Strike is an interesting title. It combines fishing mechanics with hero collection while still giving fishing fans plenty of fish to catch. However the game’s monetization and repetitive nature can at times overshadow everything that the game does well. If you’re looking to catch a ton of different fish and put them on display, dive right in. If you’re looking for a fun, exciting, or relaxing fishing experience, Fishing Strike will likely disappoint.

There are plenty of fish in the sea
Available on Google Play
Note: This review reflects the author’s views on the game at the time it was played. The state of the game may have changed since that time. Please note that installed size includes optional downloads where applicable.