Netmarble’s Fishing Strike is Out Now on Google Play

Fishing Strike

Thanks to Lineage 2: Revolution, Marvel Future Fight and Star Wars: Force Arena publisher Netmarble has become one of the most recognizable names in mobile games. The Korean company has a number of a games in the pipeline, including Phantomgate and a new Magic The Gathering game, and now it’s time for one of its projects to go global. The company’s new fishing game Fishing Strike is now available worldwide on Google Play.

The new mobile fishing game combines elements of gacha games, RPGs, fishing games, and adds some optional augmented reality and virtual reality features to the mix. Gamers can travel the world fishing and collecting anglers with their own unique skills as they try to catch unique species to fill their collection. The fishing mechanics having players try to cast their line to the perfect location, hope that the fish they’re looking for bites and then take on that fish in a battle of wills. Players will need to reel in the fish while making sure their line doesn’t break and that the fish doesn’t get away. To successfully catch their target players will need to bring the fish’s health down to zero by reeling them in, taking advantage of swipe based quick time events, and any angler skills at their disposal.

After catching a fish players can unleash their fish on the world with the game’s AR option and browse their collecting in the game’s VR enabled aquarium. Though it does have an augmented reality option, the actual fishing does not take advantage of it. Players looking for an AR fishing experience should take a look at Bait! Under the Surface, which is coming to ARCore enabled phones later this year.

Fishing Strike lets players try their luck at 6 different locations across 6 continents: Florida, the Amazon River, the North Sea, the Mozenbique Channel, the Yangtze River, and Australia’s Coral Sea. The game promises players over 400 fish to catch, and 36 anglers to collect and level up. Gamers can acquire new anglers from normal play or from the game’s loot crate system that also gives out equipment. In a nod towards transparency, Netmarble has made the odds of getting any particular angler or equipment piece available in its in-game community.

In a move that will surely anger some, many of the game’s acquariums cannot be purchased using anything other than real money. Not even premium currency, just cash. These fish tanks are more than just decorations, as they give players some handy bonuses. This could effectively take free to play players out of the running for a great prize in the game’s weekly aqua points competition that rewards them with all sorts of prizes.

Fishing Strike is free and contains in app purchases. Here is a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the new fishing game on Google Play.

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