Netmarble Opens Pre-Registeration for Fishing Strike

Fishing Strike

Netmarble Games is one of the more active mobile publishers out there. Last November it was responsible for the popular Lineage 2: Revolution which has accumulated over 5 million downloads, and the company currently has a number of games in various pre-global launch states including Phantomgate. Now there is one more game to add to that list as pre-registration is now available for Netmable’s upcoming fishing game Fishing Strike.

Fishing Strike will let players try their luck at 6 different locations across 6 continents. They will be able to fishing in Florida, on the Amazon River, the North Sea, the Mozenbique Channel, the Yangtze River, and Australia’s Coral Sea. The game promises players over 400 fish to catch, and 36 anglers

Fishing Strike is billing itself as a next gen fishing game with high end graphics. Players will be able to get an underwater view of the fish swimming around their hooks, and they will be able to place their catches in their own aquarium. Once they release their catch in their aquarium players will be able to view their fish using the aquarium mode’s AR & VR features.

Pre-registration for the game is available on Google Play and on its official website. While pre-registration does not offer any extra rewards, the game’s website does have a mini game with prizes.

Fishing Strike will almost certainly be free to play and contain in app purchases. The game is scheduled to be released soon. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

  • Realistic Graphics! Exciting Action! Feelings of true suspense! Enjoy the best fishing game there is, prepared just for you by Netmarble!
  • Gather Anglers to fish and grow with! Get the tense feeling of fishing with your Anglers and their exciting skills!
  • Check out the underwater world while choosing the fish you want to catch!

Interested? Check out the new fishing game on Google Play.

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