Role Playing Card Game Fighting Fantasy Legends Portal Launches on Android

Fighting Fantasy Legends Portal

Prolific card and board game publisher Asmodee Digital has teamed up with Nomad Games to launch Fighting Fantasy Legends Portal, a follow up to 2017’s card RPG Fighting Fantasy Legends. Like its predecessor, Fighting Fantasy Legends Portal offers players a mixture of narrative driven RPG gameplay, rogue-like features and a card based battle system.

The game lets players choose from three adventures based on classic Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. Deathtrap Dungeon has players explore a dangerous labyrinth, Trial of Champions has players return to the deadly labyrinth, while Armies of Death tasks players with building up a fighting force and take on a Shadow Demon.

Each of the game’s adventures promises a branching narrative structure which may give the game some replay value as well as award players with titles based on their decisions. New adventures may be added in the future.

Fighting Fantasy Legends Portal is $4.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases. Here’s an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the card game on Google Play.

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