MMORPG Fellow: Eternal Clash Now Available in Select Markets

Fellow: Eternal Clash

Following a pre-registration campaign, Goboogie Games has released the English version of NJ Interactive’s Korean MMORPG Fellow in select markets. Fellow: Eternal Clash is now available in North America, South America and India.

As players start the game they are made to choose between the game’s four available classes. The hardy warrior, the speedy rogue, a bow-wielding ranger, or a the spell casting mage. The game’s classes are gender locked, and lack the customization options offered by many of today’s games. After creating their character players are dropped into the game’s world and put through the usual ringer of starter quests that help introduce the game and the various features it has to offer. Fellow’s signature selling feature is its Faction War, where players from the game’s two factions fight it out representing their sides of the war.

The game offers more freedom and variety than many mobile MMORPGs, with some quests taking users all over the map and even under the sea for some underwater battles. At the same time it does not offer quite as much in terms of flashy attacks and animations compared to the numerous action RPGs that have launched on Android.

Fellow: Eternal Clash is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:


  • Ride, swim, and fly over the full 3D open world.
  • Experience the Mobile MMORPG with interactive PC MMORPG features.


  • Choose your faction and decide the fate of the kingdom.
  • Seize and secure your faction’s victory in the daily Faction War.


  • Explore different types of dungeons and expand your range of skills.
  • Team up with fellow players and defeat demonic bosses to collect rewards.

Interested? Check out the MMORPG on Google Play.

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