Fantasy Tactics War R to be transferred to Valofe

Fantasy War Tactics R

A big change is coming to one of Android Sloth’s best gacha games. Strategy RPG Fantasy War Tactics R will soon have a new home, with service being transferred from Nexon to Valofe.

Released in 2015, Fantasy War Tactics offered gamers a strategy RPG experience reminiscent of games like Final Fantasy Tactics. Complete with terrain bonuses, positional multiplayers, and more, the game had a fair amount of strategy with its combat system. It also did not push players towards in app purchases nearly as hard as many other gacha games.

As is sometimes the case, not pushing players towards in app purchases can be a double edged sword. FWT is currently outside of the top 500 highest grossing apps on Google Play in most major markets, and currently ranks as the 214th highest grossing RPG on Google Play in the United States.

Former and existing Fantasy War Tactics R players should read the official announcement on the move with details on how the transfer process will take place, how to opt-out, and how to make sure your account is transferred over.

Service is scheduled to be transferred over to Valofe on June 20th, 2018. Gamers with accounts linked via Facebook or Google should not lose anything in the transfer, while those who used other login methods should consult the official announcement. As part of the transfer process, the game’s in app purchases will be disabled from May 17th until the transfer is complete. Regularly scheduled events will run as they normally do, while there may be changes to special events.

This comes at a time when several high profile publishers and developers are shutting down or announcing the shutdown of some of their free to play online games. That includes Square-Enix shutting down King’s Knight, Bandai Namco shutting down Tales of Links and Tales of the Rays, and Capcom shutting down Puzzle Fighter.

Valfoe is a Korean game developer / publisher that currently has one mobile game available outside of Korea, Legacy of Atlantis.