MMORPG Era of Celestials’ Global Launch Is Here

Era of Celestials

League of Angels and Legacy of Discord publisher GTarcade has launched its newest mobile MMORPG, Era of Celestials.

Like many mobile MMORPGs, Era of Celestials leans heavily on auto-play and most activities will be automatically completed by default. In some cases players can take over and do a better job at taking down bosses, but in many instances players will find that quests are completed within seconds with auto-play and switching to manual does not give users an advantage.

As players start out they will be given the choice between three classes, a mage, warrior and ranger. All three classes are gender locked and do not allow for any extensive level of customization. While the characters themselves all look nearly identical, equipment can make individuals stand out.

From there players are put into the world to complete story related quests, and gradually unlocked various features that include instanced dungeons, guilds, and PVP.

Era of Celestials looks to offer gamers a lot of progression and a constant feeling of growth becoming more powerful. This is particularly true early on as players will level up after nearly every single quest, quickly upgrade their gear, and find themselves beyond level 80 before they even have a full grasp of all of EoC’s features. The game has hundreds of levels.

Though today marks the game’s global launch on Android, Era of Celestials had its iOS global launch on August 3rd, and was previously available in select regions as part of the game’s soft launch.

Era of Celestials is free and contains in app purchases. It’s available on Google Play. Here’s a trailer with a look at the game:

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