Epic Skater 2 Has Arrived with More Skateboarding Action

Epic Skater 2

Skateboarding fans looking for a simple game to play can now try out the sequel to Your Daily Fill’s popular Epic Skater. Epic Skater 2 offers a mission based single player campaign, an endless mode, and lots of customization options.

Playable offline, Epic Skater 2 has two core gameplay modes: a single player career mode and a endless mode. The career mode features 24 different levels, each with three difficulty tiers for players to try out. The endless mode is what one might expect from an endless mode, players do tricks until they fall. While in the endless mode players aren’t limited to going right at all times, and have a variety of optional objectives they can accomplish as they play. That includes picking up letters to complete s-k-a-t-e, completing goals, picking up coins, and of course setting high scores.

The gameplay in both modes is identical, with the majority of tricks being as simple as a swipe in a particular direction.

Outside of its combo driven skateboarding action, the game also features plenty of character customization options. Players can collect lots of different outfits for their skater, giving them some unique flare or try and collect and upgrade the game’s 44+ different tricks.

Epic Skater 2 is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:


  • Rebuilt from the ground-up! Go big and get Epic’r!
  • Over 600 skate gear, clothing, and accessories to customize your skater for over 1 billion outfit combinations!
  • 24+ Career mode levels loaded with challenges!
  • 11 Tiers with 1500+ Goals in Endless mode to keep you GRINDING
  • Super Small download! Under 81 MB
  • More than 44 unique, upgradeable tricks for epic combos
  • Grabs! Hold the Grab button and swipe for style and huge points!
  • Turn around and go where you want! Wallplant, Wallpush, and explore every area.
  • Skate Quarter Pipes! Acid Drop and Spine Transfer for BIG AIR!

Interested? Check out the skateboarding game on Google Play.

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