Puzzle Game Eden Renaissance Now Has a Free Version

Eden Renaissance

Developer The Last Kind has released a free ad supported version of its puzzle game Eden Renaissance. Players step into the shoes of Ran as he navigates the world along with the golem Eden. Ran’s goal? saving the world. As with Geostorm, Eden Renaissance plays a lot like the GO games from Square Enix. Eden has more of a focus on story, with numerous cut-scenes that play out between the game’s many puzzle levels.

While the game is technically playable offline, players are required to watch an ads to progress, and a network connection is needed to watch those ads.

Eden Renaissance – Free is free (duh) and contains ads. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description and a trailer with more information:

– More that 100 unique puzzles
– Enjoy the beauty of 7 stunning unique environments
– 45+ puzzle mechanics to explore and have fun with
– Take advantage of both characters and experience their synergy in gameplay
– Immerse yourself in the story through more than 30 minutes of in-game and illustrated cut-scenes
– Collect more than 100 hidden items to unlock 9 different outfits
– Enjoy a (puzzling!) mini-game

Interested? Check out the game on Google Play.

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