EA Opens Up Pre-Registration for The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile

Electronic Arts has opened up pre-registration for the latest game in The Sims franchise, The Sims Mobile. Android users can pre-register on Google Play and the game’s official website. In an unusual move, pre-registration on the game’s official website requires a phone number, and users will be notified via SMS when the game launches. There will be an early bird gift set for users who play the game within 15 days of its global launch. The gift set contains a Mid-Flutter’s Dream Top, Artist’s Mood Tee, and a Burst Your Bubble Rug.

The Sims Mobile puts players in control of just a single Sim to start off with, and lets players take control over more Sims as they progress. Players will control their Sims as they develop careers in fashion, business, or the culinary field. They can also help their Sims develop relationships with other Sims. Those relationships can be romantic, and lead to marriage and having a child. Here’s a preview of the game with more information.

It appears like there will be an interesting competition between The Sims Mobile, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Home Street. Although the three games are unique, they all cater to users who want to customize their homes (or campsites), customize characters and more. This will be the last of the three to be released, but as with any mobile game, marketing could make or break The Sims Mobile.

The Sims Mobile is already available in a few regions and while the game does not have a global release date, players should see the game some time this year. The game is free to play and contain in app purchases. Here is a trailer with more information:

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