Dynamite Headdy Joins the SEGA Forever Collection

Dynamite Headdy

In 2017 the SEGA Forever collection was a constant source of ports of free, ad-supported, classic console games. The flow of games has slowed down in 2018, but there is now another new SEGA Forever title to add to the list. Sega has released Dynamite Headdy, a quirky platformer first released on the Genesis in 1994.

Dynamite Headdy has players throw around Headdy’s head as they move from one level to the next. That might mean tossing his head at enemies to defeat them or at platforms and switches to activate them. Either way, Headdy’s head is the main tool players will use to move forward in the game. Other than Headdy’s legs of course, but you can’t throw his legs. That would be crazy.

Like many platformers Headdy features has a number of parts that don’t focus on platforming and instead and instead turn the game into a SHMUP or something else for a moment. There are boss fights, power ups, and lots of what players familiar with classic platformers will find familiar even if they haven’t had a chance to throw around Headdy’s head during the 1990s.

As with all Sega Forever titles, Dynamite Headdy is free with ads. Ads can be removed for via an in app purchase for $1.99. Here is the game’s trailer, an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description, as well as an update list of Sega Forever titles:


  • Use Headdy’s spring-loaded head to swing over ledges, grab onto objects, and even shoot hoops in the basketball bonus round!
  • Wear 18 diiferent heads that can freeze time, explode, vacuum up every enemy in sight, and more!
  • Battle and best 28 different bosses across dozens of Scenes!
  • The original level select code still works! Do you remember it?

The Sega Forever library now includes:

Interested? Check out the platformer on Google Play.

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