Survival Game “Durango: Wild Lands” Has a Release Date – In Korea


After what feels like an eternity, mobile gamers in Korea will soon be able to experience Nexon’s upcoming survival game Durango: Wild Lands. As of right now , the game has no release date outside of Korea, though given the fact that it has been in beta in numerous countries, the global release may not be too far off. In Durango players are transported from their world into a bizarre world filled with dinosaurs. Players need to mind their energy, hunger, cold, and other aspects if they hope to survive in their new environment.

In the world of Durango players need to develop their skills and characteristics in order to get stronger and more adapt at various crafting disciplines. A player who wants to hang back might focus on archery and make sure they have the required skills to make themselves new bows. On the other hand a player that wants to come in close but attack with finesse might make an athletic fighter that uses blades.

Outside of combat, Durango boasts an impressive amount of content for a mobile title. That includes things like multiple crafting disciplines (including cooking, building, clothing crafting, and more), the ability to build and own a home and give others permission to access it and use its facilities, and guilds.

Durango has been running a public beta test for quite some time now, with availability limited to certain regions and expanding over time. That beta test is set to end on January 19th, 2018. As mentioned by Nexon on numerous occasions, the data from that beta test will not carry over to the game’s launch. That means a fresh start for everyone.

Durango: Wild Lands has a scheduled release date of January 25th, 2018 in Korea. If you are in one of the regions that the game is being tested in, you can still download it on Google Play.