Diablo Inspired Dungeon Crawler “Dungeon Chronicle” Arrives on Android

Dungeon Chronicle

BUNKERim Studio has released a new gear focused mobile dungeon crawler that is inspired by Blizzard’s Diablo franchise. Dungeon Chronicle is an action RPG with gear drops, boss fights, and lots of dungeon floors to go through.

Although rough around the edges, the game is a clear attempt to recreate some of the Diablo magic on smartphones. Unlike most action RPGs, Dungeon Chronicle gives players a lot of freedom in terms of how they approach each stage. Instead of being locked in small rooms where enemies spawn, players are free to gather enemies from multiple rooms around the stage and dispatch them in one fell swoop.

As one of the pillars of Diablo-like dungeon crawlers is loot, Dungeon Chronicle does not go light on the drops. Players will quickly find themselves picking up and comparing their gear to figure out if a piece of armor that gives a one stat boost is better than armor that boosts another stat. In true gear game fashion, two pieces of equipment of the same rarity can have different stats thanks to randomized stats.

Unlike many Diablo-like games, Dungeon Chronicle doesn’t give players a choice of classes. Instead players have access to a selection skills based on the weapon they use. Staff wielders have access to spells, gun users have access to ranged attacks, and swordsmen have some melee abilities. Those looking for a range of options will be happy to know that swapping between the three roles can be done with a single tap provided you have the appropriate weapons equipped.

Though the game is available in English Japanese, French, German and other languages, some error messages may still be in Korean. That includes an error message that pops up if you try to play the game while offline.

Dungeon Chronicle is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Travel the unlimited floor of increasingly difficult enemies while collecting the best items

It becomes the ultimate hero using various weapons (sword, long sword, pistol, shotgun, wand, staff)
Hire mercenaries to organize your strongest party.
Do not forget to upgrade your skills.

Interested? Check out the mobile dungeon crawler on Google Play.

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