Dragonsaga Origin Is Now Available on Android

Dragonsaga Origin

Dragon Saga, originally named Dragonica, was developed by Gravity Interactive and released in 2009. It is a side-scrolling MMORPG that’s exclusive to PCs. Dragonsaga Origin, takes some of the elements of Dragon Saga and brings them to mobile. The game is no longer massively multiplayer, but it still has plenty of multiplayer features, such as a PVP arena and a town where players can meet each other. Dragonsaga Origin offers gamers a choice of three gender-locked classes (warrior, mage, thief), and then introduces them to the game’s real time combat. Like its PC counter-part, Origin is sidescrolling RPG. Players take on linear levels where they’ll encounter waves of monsters. At their disposal players have a dash button, two attack buttons and skills. With that they can build up a variety of combos to help them take down the various beasts they might encounter.

Dragonsaga Origin is free and contains in app purchases.

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