New Gacha Game Dragon’s Watch Out Now

Dragon's Watch

After a brief pre-registration period, The Secret Police have launched their new turn based gacha RPG. Dragon’s Watch promises an extremely impressive 700 heroes to collect and battle. It should be noted that the promised number counts evolution and elemental variants of essentially the same hero. The total number of unique characters is significantly lower. Beyond hero collection, something offered by hundreds of other mobile games, Dragon’s Watch promises a few unique twists.

Perhaps most importantly, unlike most gacha games, Dragon’s Watch is playable offline. Although The Secret Police suggest going online every day or so and after you complete the first chapter. The game’s other unique component is its battle interface / mechanic called the revolver. Players pick a squad of 6 characters to go into battle, with 3 being on the front line and 3 being in the back at any given moment. Units in the back cannot attack or take damage from most attacks and regain health after every turn. Players can rotate the revolver at the start of their turn and shift their rotation to take advantage of elemental conditions or to avoid having a hero fall in battle.

Dragon’s Watch is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description and a trailer with more information:

● Summon, fuse and evolve hundreds of brave heroes, with unique strengths, skills and special attacks!
● Craft magic potions and rescue the dragons to strike down mythical monsters and fearsome bosses!
● Challenge other players worldwide in the real-time PVP Arena!
● Play even when offline – no need to always be connected to the server*!
● Unique one-handed play system lets you play anywhere.
● Discover the game’s hidden secrets, solve its puzzles and upgrade your hero’s card.
● Find the legendary Golden Guardians – assemble the ultimate squad to reach the final frontier!

Interested? Check out Dragon’s Watch on Google Play.

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