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Dragon Project Has Launched Globally

COLOPL, Inc and Go Game have launched the global version of their Monster Hunter – like game, Dragon Project. That also means they have closed off pre-registration for the game and the rewards associated with it. In Dragon Project players are tasked with hunting a variety of monsters from fairly generic enemies to huge bosses. Up to 4 players can team up to take down the game’s various bosses. Enemies drop ingredients that can be used to craft increasingly powerful weapons and armor that can be used to defeat increasingly powerful enemies. The game is very upfront that it has a cycle of accepting missions -> hunting monsters -> crafting better gear -> accepting missions, etc. Of course players will also have the opportunity to increase their combat abilities by leveling up and improving their skills.

Dragon Project gives users a selection of weapons to choose from, including bows, spears, sword & shield, and more, with each having its own unique play style. As far as monetization goes, this is a gacha game with a unique twist. Instead of pulling random weapons and armor directly, players roll the dice on which monster they get to fight for new ingredients. A lucky pull might get you a mighty behemoth that drops super rare gear pieces, while an unlucky pull will get you a fairly common crab enemy or something similar. Checkout a preview of Dragon Project for information about the game’s control system and more.

Dragon Project has been available in Southeast Asia in August 2017 a few months prior to the global launch which was expected to be at some point in October 2017. It appears that Go Game had early October in their sights. Dragon Project is free and has in app purchases. For more information on the game, here is an excerpt from Google Play and an official trailer:

✔ Explore the open Kingdom of Heiland in stunning 3D
✔ Meet unique characters and discover their stories
✔ Complete Missions and hunt monsters to gather precious material
✔ Hundreds of ferocious monsters from fearsome Fiends to mighty Behemoths
✔ Join forces with friends in real-time co-op play
✔ Dual Blades or one mighty Bow? Pick from five classes of weapons to match your style
✔ Mix and match to create mighty weapon & armor combinations
✔ Gain powerful skills when you enhance your equipment with Magi
✔ Easy and intuitive one-finger gameplay

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