Dragon Nest M Now Available in North America

Dragon Nest M North America
While the game is available for download, servers are scheduled to open at 10:00 PM (UTC-4). Players looking forward to the game can take this opportunity to get it from Google Play and download all of the game’s additional files.

Dragon Nest M is now available in North America courtesy of koramgame, letting gamers in the Canada, Mexico, and the United States experience the mobile version of the classic PC MMORPG.

At its core, Dragon Nest M is an action RPG brawler that pits players against waves of enemies with the occasional large boss fight. It uses the familiar virtual joystick button combination that is utilized by most mobile action RPGs, though the game gives players plenty of reasons to go beyond just button mashing as they try to dodge enemies and string together long combos.

Like other mobile action RPGs, most of the action takes place in fairly small environments that have just enough room for the battles that take place there, but not enough room to give players the impression of an open world.

Starting out, players choose one of the game’s six classes, with the typical warrior, archer, mage classes that many RPGs offer along with an assassin, tinkerer and cleric. Each of the games classes has their own unique abilities and appearance that can further be customized as players progress.

After selecting their class players will be led through their first time with the game as they start out taking on some of the game’s brief story mode levels. Eventually users will be able to experience co-op boss raids, PVP battles, and a lot more.

Dragon Nest M was previously only available in Korea and more recently saw a launch in Southeast Asia and Oceania as Dragon Nest M – SEA, published by Shanda. The SEA version of the game has managed to accumulate over 1 million downloads since its launch.

Dragon Nest M should not be confused with Dragon Nest 2: Legend. M is a newly launched, online RPG with a more family friendly aesthetic. Dragon Nest 2: Legend is a now canceled online RPG that had a darker tone but never made it out of its soft launch phase.

Dragon Nest M is free and contains in app purchases. Here is the game’s cinematic trailer:

Interested? Check out the mobile version of the classic MMORPG on Google Play.

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