Dragon Nest 2: Legend Shutting Down In December

Dragon Nest 2: Legend

Nexon has revealed that they will be shutting down their upcoming mobile RPG Dragon Nest 2 Legend before it even sees an open launch. Dragon Nest 2 Legend had opened pre-registration for its global launch on November 19th, a shutdown notice less than two weeks later is surprising. The game was already in its soft launch phase and was available in a number of countries. Gamers will have until the end of the year to enjoy the game, though the game’s in app purchases will be removed much sooner.

Dragon Nest 2 was a planned sequel to the popular MMORPG Dragon Nest. It was being developed by EYEDENTITY Games, the developers of the original Dragon Next, and published by Nexon. The game let players take control of one of four heroes as they use that heroes skills to take down hordes of enemies and fierce bosses. The game promised guild raids, varied skill loadouts, and a good amount of storytelling.

Here is a message that Nexon posted on the game’s Facebook page:

On December 29th, service for Dragon Nest 2 Legend will be terminated.

Once again, we would like to show our sincerest gratitude towards you who have loved and supported the game. With a heavy heart, we ask for your kind understanding that it was extremely tough and difficult to have come to this decision .

With the upcoming service termination, we will be closing off app downloads and in-app purchases. It will still be possible to play the game normally after access to app download and in-app purchases have been closed off.

Access to the game will be impossible after the service in terminated. We therefore ask that you use all your in-game currencies before the service end date..

Here is Dragon Nest 2: Legend’s cinamtic trailer, teasing a game that will soon be completely unavailable: