The Dragalia Lost Nintendo Direct Is Over, Here’s What We Now Know

Dragalia Lost

Nintendo held a Nintendo direct dedicated enirely to the upcoming Dragalia Lost, giving gamers a lot of information about the game. That includes a release date, and pre-registration opening for users in the United States.

While we already knew that this would be a gacha action RPG, today’s Nintendo Direct showed off some important details about what the game has to offer, how it will handle, and a bit of information about the game’s story.

The game takes place in the land of Alberia, where the 7th in line for the throne is on a quest to save the world. To do so he will need to summon allies, increase the strength of his party, and bond with different dragons.

In practice, that boils down to a lot of the typical hero collection elements mobile gamers are familiar with. Players will be able to collect 60+ heroes, summoned using the game’s gacha mechanics. Those heroes come in one of four classes and can be strengthened through leveling, equipment upgrades, the talent tree-like mana circle. In addition to those three ways of powering up characters, Dragalia Lost includes a minor city building element that will allow players to build structures that give characters special buffs.

What will likely help separate Dragalia Lost from other gacha games, aside from the Nintendo brand, is its combat. Players will have full control over their squad, whether that is to direct their movement, attack, or avoid traps and enemy attacks. This is a lot more control than gacha games give players, putting it in the same category as a game like Grandchase.

Although PVP was not mentioned during today’s Nintendo Direct, players will get a chance for some multiplayer when the game launches. Dragalia Lost will give users the option for four player co-op for every one of the game’s quests. A multiplayer raid mode where four squads take on one huge boss was also teased, but it may not be available at launch.

The most important part of the reveal was the release date. Dragalia Lost has a scheduled release date of September 27th, 2018. It is scheduled to be released in the expected markets of Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao, but will also launch in the United States on the same day. That means gamers will see an English version of the game to launch sooner than expected.

Though not mentioned during the stream, pre-registration for Dragalia Lost is now available for users in the United States. Though not yet available on Google Play, gamers can pre-register for the game on the official website and the App Store. Nintendo is giving out in-game rewards based on the total number of users that sign up, with 1,500 valuable Wyrmite as the top tier reward.

Update: Pre-registration is now available on Google Play in the United States.

Dragalia Lost will be free to play and contain in app purchases. Here is the Nintendo Direct for those that missed it:

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