Download Survival Heroes Directly From Google Play

You can now download battle royale MOBA hybrid Survival Heroes through Google Play, but only if you’re in one of the game’s soft launch regions. This guide shows you how to change your Google Play region in order to be able to download Survival Heroes from Google Play without getting an APK from a third party site. Please note that this guide contains affiliate links. For more information, please refer to Android Sloth’s affiliate policy.

Survival Heroes is an interesting combination of a battle-royale setup with MOBA-like gameplay. Unfortunately, it is currently not available outside of Southeast Asia. That means that gamers from the rest of the world that can’t wait to get their hands on the game have two choices: download an APK from a third party site, or use a VPN. Though there are pros and cons to using a VPN versus download an APK file, this guide focuses exclusively on downloading the game using a VPN.

Downloading Survival Heroes using a VPN

  1. Open up your chosen VPN and connect to a server in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, or the Philippines.
  2. Go into your device’s app settings → Google Play → and clear your cache.
  3. Load up Google Play and make sure you have selected your new Google account in the menu.
  4. Search for Survival Heroes in Google Play (or find it here) and download the game.
  5. After you finish downloading the app you were looking for, you can turn off the VPN. Very rarely do games require a VPN to be enabled while playing them.

Choosing a VPN

If your primary goal is to choose a VPN that can be used to change Google Play countries, here’s what you should look for:

  • Server availability: You’re going to want a VPN with servers in some of the most important soft launch regions and any particular parts of the world you might be interested in. These include Australia, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, Singapore, and Indonesia. You’ll also want servers in South Korea and Japan in order to access some of the games that are exclusive to those countries.
  • Speed: Although not incredibly important when your goal is to change your Google Play country, faster is better. While you usually don’t need to use your VPN to play games, you will need to use it download each title. That can take a while on slower VPNs.
  • Price: Look for something that’s inexpensive, but avoid free VPNs. They will rarely satisfy the two above points and may have questionable security practices.

In testing a number of VPNs, the one that I would recommend is NordVPN. Why? Because it has servers in all of the most important soft launch regions, South Korea, Japan, India, and just about anywhere else you might want. It’s also incredibly affordable at as little as $3.99 per month on a 2 year plan and has proven to be faster than a number of VPN options that I have tested.

If you’re having trouble accessing Google Play in the correct region, check out Android Sloth’s guide on How To Get Your VPN To Work With Google Play.