Double Dragon 4 Beats Its Way Onto Android & iOS

Double Dragon 4

Proving that the Sega Forever collection doesn’t have a monopoly on retro mobile titles, Arc System Works has released the latest game in the classic Double Dragon series on Android. Double Dragon 4 (IV) attempts to recreate the retro beat-em-up side-scroller magic that the original titles brought to arcades and home consoles in the 1980s and 90s. It sticks with 8-bit graphics, simple controls, and a no frills user interface that would feel at home on an NES. To accommodate touchscreen devices on screen controls have been added, with a virtual directional pad, three attack buttons and a jump button. The game also has controller support, but as with many Android games, your millage may vary with regards to how well controllers work with the game.

Although it looks like a classic title, Arc System Works’ Double Dragon 4 is definitely a part of the retro revival movement. It was originally released on PC and PS4 earlier in 2017, and was later ported to the Nintendo Switch. Beyond including a story mode, Double Dragon 4 also has a tower mode and an assortment of unlockable characters.

Double Dragon 4 is free to try, and if you want to play past the first level it will cost you $2.99. It does not contain any ads or in app purchases outside of the full game unlock. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer of the PC/console version with more information:

Experience all-new exhilarating action with the original old-school graphics!
Use the art of Sou-Setsu-Ken to rescue the kidnapped Marian!

Plus, new enemy characters including ninjas, karate masters, and sumo wrestlers,
none of which have been seen in Double Dragon before!

There are lots of extra modes, too! Cool new features fans have been waiting for!
Playable enemy characters, Tower Mode, and even more!

Interested? Check out the latest game in the classic franchise on Google Play.

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