Forwardworks Working on a mobile Disgaea game

Laharl, one of Disgaea's most recognizable characters.

Forwardworks is working on a new mobile Disgaea title, and there’s a new Japanese video that shows off a little bit of the game.

Though the promo video doesn’t show much in terms of gameplay, it does give gamers an idea what they should expect. The new mobile Disgaea title looks to be a free to play hero collection gacha game featuring characters from throughout the series. A story mode, friend system, and stamina appear to be shown in some of the screenshots in the video.

The upcoming game will not be the first mobile featuring a large number of Disgaea characters, that honor belongs to Makai Wars, a crossover between Disgaea and Yuru Dorashiru (RagnaQuest).

Despite mobile gaming’s global reach, there are a number of markets that see lots of games that are never localized elsewhere. Chief among them are South Korea and Japan. Both have large communities of mobile gamers and often receive games that never see the light of day anywhere else. Even properties and franchises that are no strangers to gamers in the West may see delayed releases if they ever do come out outside of the two countries.

This is exemplified in the recent release of Star Ocean Anamnesis, which was launched in Japan in 2016 but was only released in English earlier this month. That should serve as a reminder to gamers outside of Japan that the new mobile Disgaea may never be released outside of Japan and if it does it could several years out.

Forwardworks, the game’s publisher, is best known for Mingol, a 2017 mobile version of Everybody’s Golf that is currently exclusive to Japan. The company was established by Sony in order to create a separate company that would handle some of Sony’s franchises in the mobile landscape. The company was created to service Japanese and Asian consumers, and none of its games have been translated into English at this time.

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