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Discovery Card Quest: A New Educational Mobile Game

Virt Trade Ltd has released a new Discovery card game, Discovery Card Quest. In the game players collect various cards featuring some of the wonders of the universe. They include animals like the poison dart frog, places like the Grand Canyon, and outer-space cards like solar golden arches. Each card includes information about the thing it depicts, making Discover Card Quest an educational experience.

From a gameplay standpoint, the game features card matches. Players each pick a card, and based on that cards advance or block rating, players will advance towards the finish line. First player to the finish line wins. It’s not the deepest game out there, but it servers as an addition to the game’s various scientific and historical factoids.

Note: The game was rather unstable during initial attempts to play it.

Discovery Card Quest is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description with more information:

Each game card features incredible images, game stats and a scratchcard “Did You Know?” fact. Compete against other players and trade with friends to rank amongst the greatest explorers of all time!

* Connect with friends to view their collections and offer trades.
* Play against other Discovery explorers to win treasure and earn XP.
* Save duplicates to create more powerful cards.
* Collect free rewards every few hours.

Interested? Check out Discovery Card Quest on Google Play

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