Closed Beta for Dinosaur Strategy Game “Dino War” Begins

Dino War

Not long after Nexon has wrapped up beta testing for their upcoming dinosaur survival game Durango: Wild Lands, Kings Group has started a closed beta test for their own dinosaur distopia game. Dino War takes place in a world overrun by dinosaurs after a series of events involving Genesys labs bringing dinosaurs to life, theme parks, an mad scientist, and attempts at dinosaur weaponization. Players find themselves on the run and seeking a place to stay in the mountains when they find an abandoned Genesys base that they decide to use as their home and a building block for a resistance movement.

Gameplay wise Dino War is a generic mobile strategy title with similar mechanics to games like Game of War, Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire and Game of Thrones: Conquest.

The beta test is set to run for two months, and will offer users extra rewards to help them explore more of the game’s content. Progress made during the closed beta test will be wiped after the test wraps up, so players should not look at this as a way of getting a head start. Players who participate in the closed beta test will be able to receive a special in-game gift pack when the full release version of Dino War is made available.

Dino War is free and while the game will contain in app purchases, they are not available during the closed beta test. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description with more information:

Dino War features science fiction themed groundbreaking 3D animation and a wide variety of vivid creatures to bring the most stunning visual experience to all the players. As a realistic strategy game, Dino War is not just a war about humans fighting back to evil powers, players need to have the consciousness of overall management and in game development to go through daily life with enough resources and defensive armed force. Furthermore, ally with other humans to achieve greater victories and take their homeland back piece by piece, it’s never a one man’s battle, it’s a civil war for a brighter tomorrow. Fight for humanity to go through all the darkness and chaos!

Interested? Check out the futuristic dinosaur game on Google Play.

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