RPG Destiny Knights Has Its Worldwide Launch

Destiny Knights

The global launch for Netmarble’s newest gacha RPG has arrived as Destiny Knights hits Google Play.

Previously known as Destiny6, Destiny Knights has players control a team of heroes as they travel through small 3D maps taking on groups of enemies. The game gives players control over such things as casting and aiming skills, targeting, and moving their team to dodge powerful attacks. Most importantly, players will need to use their “Break Skills” to disrupt the attacks of powerful enemies and stun them to expose their weaknesses. All of the game’s action plays out in real time, though time does slow down when aiming attacks.

Destiny Knights has many of the modes players have come to expect from hero collection RPGs, including a tower to climb, event dungeons, and a Giants Dungeon featuring large scale bosses. There’s also PVP and guilds for those looking for a multiplayer experience.

The newly launched hero collection game has been praised by many users for allowing a large number of character summons using free premium currency and making it relatively easy to acquire high quality heroes. That may be good or bad thing depending on one’s perspective. While having powerful heroes can be advantageous, it can make early content trivial, depriving users of any semblance of a challenge.

To celebrate the game’s global launch, Netmarble is hosting a number of events that reward players with in-game gold, rubies, and other items. These events include a couple of achievement based quests, banners that increase the odds of getting particular heroes, and a community event.

Destiny Knights was already available in South Korea, Southeast Asia, and Oceania since December of last year. It has accumulated over 1 million downloads through Google Play over that time. More recently, Netmarble has opted to merge the game’s South Korean and Asian servers, creating one large server for gamers in Oceania and Asia. Players from the game’s new regions will find themselves on a different servers than the veterans.

Netmarble has been actively releasing and localizing new games of late. Most recently the South Korean publisher launched the global version of turn based gacha RPG Knights Chronicle. Prior to that the company had released strategy war game Iron Throne and fishing game Fishing Strike. Netmarble is best known for MMORPG Lineage 2: Revolution and action RPG brawler MARVEL Future Fight. The publisher is also planning to launch platformer turn based RPG hybrid Phantomgate in September.

Destiny Knights is free and contains in app purchases.

Interested? Check out the new RPG on Google Play.

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