Deploy and Destroy: A New FPS Featuring Characters from Ash vs Evil Dead

Deploy and Destroy

Starz’s Ash vs Evil Dead television series may have been cancelled but fans of the Evil Dead franchise can now play as Ash in App Ministry’s new multiplayer first person shooter Deploy and Destroy.

The new FPS was created in partnership with Lionsgate and features characters from Ash vs Evil Dead and the Divergent series as well as original characters designed for the game. Users can play as Ash, Kelly or Pablo from Evil Dead and Tris, Eric, Edward, or Max from Divergent. Other franchises are planned as post-launch updates, but have not yet been announced. Lionsgate has been more open to licensing some of their movie franchises in the past few years, so gamers shouldn’t be surprised if they see more than a few familiar faces pop up in the game over time.

Not going towards the trend of battle royale shooters, Deploy and Destroy’s multiplayer modes keep things simple. The game features 8 person deathmatch and team deathmatch modes without any bells or whistles. Some gamers might appreciate a return to classic multiplayer modes, while others might wish for something a little bit more complex.

As players advance they will be able to level up and upgrade their arsenal which gives them a goal to play for while also giving them a chance to get an edge over the competition.

Deploy & Destroy is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Dive into the terrifying fun of Ash vs. Evil Dead and the post-apocalyptic locations of Divergent. With its awesome graphics quality, cinematic arenas, PC-quality visual effects, and Hollywood action characters in addition to customizable original characters… “Deploy and Destroy” has it all.

Interested? Check out the new shooter on Google Play.

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