Puzzle Game Death Squared Launched on Android

Death Squared

SMG Studio, the Australian studio behind titles like OTTTD – Over The Top Tower Defense and Thumbzilla, has released its new puzzle game on Android. Death Squared is a co-op puzzle title that requires players to work together in order to complete each of the game’s 80+ levels. Players need to coordinate their movements in order to solve puzzles, keep themselves from falling to their death, and press many of the game’s buttons.

Death Squared was originally in 2017 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC and was later ported to the Nintendo Switch and most recently iOS and Android. Although only based on a small number of users, the game currently enjoys 97% positive reviews on Steam.

Although it does feature a single player option, the game is designed to be played with another person as both try to navigate the game’s levels to keep the other person from getting themselves (or you) killed.

Death Squared is $5.49 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:


  • 80+ puzzling levels that unfold via a fully voiced story
  • Additional 10 Vault levels that are almost too hard for human consumption
  • Best enjoyed in couch co-op with a friend enabling you to cover each other’s back or simply just trash talk them when they die unnecessarily.
  • Play by yourself in “Lonely Co-op” mode if you can’t find a co-op partner. It’s definitely a harder challenge, like patting your head and rubbing your belly at same time!
  • Customisable Hats!

Interested? Check out the new puzzle game on Google Play.

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