Tower Defense Game Dead Island: Survivors Now on Android

Dead Island: Survivors

Deep Silver has launched the Android version of Dead Island: Survivors. Based on the console and PC zombie action franchise, Survivors takes the series away from its shooter roots pulls it in an action oriented tower defense direction.

Players are tasked with setting up each level’s defenses and then making sure that the oncoming zombie hordes don’t get through by bashing their skulls in, if necessary. Of course a proper barricade, turrets, and some traps can keep manual zombie interaction to a minimum, though chances are players will need to get their hands dirty every now and then. This is definitely not a pure tower defense game like the recently released Bloons TD 6 or ZombiED.

The game’s heroes, defenses and weapons can all be upgraded to increase their effectiveness in defending against the zombie menace. Like many other mobile games, items can be upgraded by collecting duplicate item cards from the game’s loot boxes.

Already available on iOS, the zombie tower defense game has had a positive reviews among iPhone users, earning it a 4.7 star rating. The game’s Android reception has been decidedly more negative thanks to a bug that results in some users getting stuck on the game’s loading screen. Publisher Deep Silver has acknowledged the issue and has said they are working on a fix.

Survivors is not the first game in the Dead Island franchise to move away from the first person action game genre. There have been a number of attempts to expand the Dead Island franchise including the now defunct MOBA Dead Island: Epidemic, retro style beat em’ up Dead Island Retro Revenge, and adventure game Escape Dead Island.

Dead Island: Survivors is free and contains in app purchases. Here is a trailer with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the tower defense game on Google Play.

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