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Daybreak Legends Now Available on Android

Daybreak Legends is now available on Android. Featuring 4 gender locked classes (warrior, mage, bounty hunter, puppeteer), this online RPG has a lot of the elements typically associated with mobile RPGs. That includes an auto mode and VIP ranks. Daybreak Legends also features some MMORPG elements, with towns being populated by other players. Among the promised features that are not seen in every mobile RPG are a social system that includes romantic relationships, and guild battles. While there are many games out there that have mounts, Daybreak promises flying and aerial combat in the form of “dragon airfights”. With relatively recently released games like Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter, and upcoming titles like Lineage 2: Revolution and Phantom Chaser , Daybreak Legends might have a tough time standing out, but it does give Android users looking for an RPG a another option to choose from.

Daybreak Legends is free and offers in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description along with a trailer with more information:

◆Skywings System, Aerial Battles
-Fly freely in a stunning 720 degree panoramic view
-Aerial Battles System takes your battle to the air, ground combat skills and effects will all be mapped to the aerial battles

◆Wide Variety of Gameplay:
-Intense Real-time PVP&GVG battles
-Call on cool champions to battle epic bosses
-Start a romantic relationship and have fun with your friends

◆Upgrade and customize your character
-4 classes, 243 skill combination
-Customize your character with hundreds of Items, Equipment & Fashion System
-Pets & Mounts System improves your combat power

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