Dawn Break Tips, Tricks, and a Breakdown of the Game’s Currencies

Dawn Break: The Flaming Emperor

Dawn Break has a lot of currencies, content, and features for users to navigate, here is an explanation of the game’s currencies, item types, as well as some helpful tips and tricks.


  • Gold: Used for a huge number of things in the game, including upgrades and leveling up skills. Most easily obtained through daily gold quests.
  • Diamonds: The game’s premium currency, diamonds are hard to obtain. They can be gained from completing levels for the first time (including events), daily events, achievements, and daily logins. They can also be purchased via in app purchases.

Alternative currencies can be exchanged for hero and fairy fragments, as well as a variety of other items in the shop. Beyond the methods listed below, some of these currencies can also be obtained from achievements and daily events.

  • Master Emblem: Master Emblems can be obtained by completing battle royale matches. Players receive 20 emblems per match, and a certain amount based on their rank at the end of each ranking period.
  • Conquer Badge: Conquer Badges are obtained by fighting the world boss. Players receive 20 per battle, and a certain amount based on their rank after the boss is defeated.
  • Arena Coin: Arena Coins are obtained in the arena. Players receive 20 per battle, and a certain amount based on their rank at the end of each ranking period.
  • Co-op. Emblem: Co-op emblems are obtained by completing co-op matches. Although there is no limit to the number of co-op matches a player can participate in, each match takes energy. Having more human players in each battle lowers the amount of energy each user needs.
  • Emperor Emblem: Obtained by completing fights in Trial of the Emperor. The last mode that players unlock, Trial of the Emperor is a gauntlet style battle map, where hero health does not regenerate between battles.
  • Eternal Rose: Eternal roses are awarded by completing floors in the Eternal Tower. Each floor in the tower can only be completed once during each period.
  • Guild Tokens: Guild tokens are obtained by completing guild quests and guild raids.
  • Other: Dawn Break also has event currencies that are good for a limited time. These can be obtained through summons and just about every gameplay mode.

Items needed to power up heroes

  • Hero potion: Hero potions grant a hero experience points when used. They are the most effective way of leveling up, as experience from normal battles is quite low. The best way to gain hero potions is by completing battle royale matches.
  • Equipment: New equipment is needed if you want to power up an existing piece of equipment. It takes two common pieces to make an uncommon, two uncommon for a rare, etc. Equipment is best most easily obtained through summons, but it can also be gained from certain events. “Exclusive” equipment gives an extra boost to a particular hero when he or she uses it.
  • Hammer: Hammers are used to upgrade the rarity of a piece of equipment. They can most commonly be obtained through daily Trial of Limit battles.
  • Equipment ore: Equipment ore is used to level up equipment, it is most easily obtained in the arena.
  • Spirit: Spirits are equippable items that fit into one of 6 different slots. Spirits give extra stat boosts when either two or four of the same spirit are equipped. The easiest way to obtain spirits is through co-op matches.
  • Skill books: Skill books are used to upgrade a hero’s skills and they can most easily be obtained from fairy dispatch missions.
  • Gems: Gems can be placed into pieces of equipment that have an available slot. The easiest way to get gems is by completing Trial of the Emperor missions.
  • Hero shards: Used to increase a hero’s star rating. They can be obtained through certain elite missions, summons, daily Trial of Hero quests, and by exchanging different types of coins and tokens in the shop.

Powering up fairies

  • Fairy dessert: Fairy deserts grant fairy experience points. As with heroes, the amount of experience fairies obtain in combat is minimal, so you will need to use quite a few desserts to level them up. They are most easily obtained through world boss fights.
  • Fairy shards: Fairy shards are needed to increase a fairy’s star rating. They can be obtained through summons, the shop, and elite missions.

Other Dawn Break tips, tricks, and things you should know

  • You can rub your fairy’s head every hour to get a free item. This might be energy, a skill book, equipment ore, etc. Up to 9 unused head rubs can stack up, so make sure to check in regularly.
  • If you want to dominate in battle-royale, try using a ranged hero and standing back and firing away. Because users often go with a melee class, the player boss will often target them first, leaving you alone to deal damage without much of a risk of death.
  • Auto-mode is not great when doing any mission that is remotely difficult. The AI does not use fairy skills or ultimates and ignores skill ranges. So if you want to do more than farm, you’ll want to take the rains.
  • If you feel the game’s flash graphics obscure the action, you can disable special effects in the graphics settings.
  • While the first 10x premium summon is 50% cheaper than doing 10 individual summons, that discount decreases after each 10x summon. After your first 10x summon that discount becomes 30% off, and then 10% off. The discount will still decrease if you use a 10x summon ticket. 10X event summons have their own discounts.
  • You can see the of getting a particular type of item from a summon by clicking the details button on the summoning page.