Dawn Break: The Flaming Emperor Wraps Up Early Access Run

Dawn Break: The Flaming Emperor

After a brief run as an early access / open beta game, Auer Media has released Dawn Break: The Flaming Emperor. Previously named DawnBreak, the game is a free to play action RPG that lets players collect and power up heroes and fairies before taking them into battle.

Although it does include hero collection, Dawn Break does not contain the same sort of massive assortment of heroes that people typically associate with gacha games. The game contains a small number of unique heroes, each with their own equipment types, and a number of unique fairies that serve as assists in combat. Instead of hero summons, the game is primarily monetized with loot crates that give out equipment, heroes, fairies, and hero & fairy shards.

Dawn Break has an assortment of the standard modes that are often associated with gacha games. There’s the story mode where players take on waves of enemies, trial modes that have players take on waves of enemies that share a common theme, and a PVP arena mode. Outside of the standard modes, the game also has co-op, world bosses, a battle-royale arena mode. The combat itself is heavily focused on combos and executing each characters skill is a matter of a combination of the game’s virtual A and B buttons.

Here is a preview of Dawn Break from December, and here is an explanation of the game’s currencies along with some basic Dawn Break tips.

Dawn Break: The Flaming Emperor is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:


  • Release your full potential with a well-timed “Ultimate” to turn the tide of combat and ANNIHILATE EVEYTHING IN YOUR WAY!
  • Gather your friends to conquer legendary monsters in a REAL-TIME CO-OP gameplay.
  • Prove your strength in a 4-PLAYER BATTLE ARENA, where you will have the chance to play as EPIC BOSSES to destroy other players!
  • Meet a lovely cast of fairy companions who fight and scavenge items for you!
  • Explore the world of DawnBreak with familiar voices from Rie Tanaka, Ryohei Kimura, Hikaru Midorikawa, and other fan favorite voice actors and actresses!

Interested? Check out the action RPG on Google Play.

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