Darkness Rises Pre-registration Offers Extra Loot

Darkness Rises

Nexon has opened up pre-registration for its upcoming action RPG ahead of the game’s scheduled June launch. Developed by Boolean Games, Darkness Rises is a follow-up to Dark Avenger 2 and promises some deep character customization options. Update: Darkness Rises now has a scheduled release date of June 22nd, 2018.

Although it initially looks like just about every other mobile action RPG, there are a number of things that set Darkness Rises apart from the pack. The first thing users will likely notice is that the game has a lot of character customization options. After choosing from the game’s 4 gender locked classes players can tweak their character’s proportions giving them extremely long arms, a tiny head, a permanent frown, massive calves, or just make them look however they want. They can even go as far as to give the character green skin and blue eye shadow. Customization doesn’t end there, as players can also dye their equipment.

After creating their characters players will be taken through a lengthy tutorial that takes them through the basics of the game, with brief tutorials each time a new feature or mode is unlocked. The actual gameplay is fast paced, with players rapidly executing skills and attacks while dodging enemy attacks (though dodging is rarely needed in the single player campaign).

As players progress through the game’s campaign they will unlock a variety of PVE, PVP and CO-OP modes. The PVP portion includes ranked PVP matches against AI controlled characters, real time duels and team matches. In co-op players will be able to team up to complete duo dungeons and 4 player boss raids against massive dragons.

There are a host of other features to find in the game including a town where players can go fishing, daily and weekly quests, guilds, and much more.

Though the game touts rideable monsters, that feature is reserved for certain specific points in the game, being usable in a portion of a few stages or one part of a duo-dungeon.

Users that pre-register for the game will receive the following rewards:

  • 50,000 Gold (basic currency)
  • 50 Keys (stamina)
  • 5 Essence Chests (essences are used to level up stats)

Beyond the basic rewards users will also receive rewards based on the total number of pre-registrations:

  • 100k: 5 Dyeing Tickets (used to dye armor and weapons)
  • 300k: 50,000 users
  • 500k: 50 keys
  • 800k: 100 Gems (premium currency)
  • 1m: Level-Up Box containing a number of different items

Darkness Rises has a scheduled release date of June 22nd, 2018. The game is free and contains in app purchases. Here’s a trailer with a better look at the game:

Interested? Check out the action RPG on Google Play. Or pre-register on the game’s official website.

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