Darkness Rises To Get New Stages In Upcoming Update

Darkness Rises

Nexon has released some of its plans for future Darkness Rises, an upcoming update promises fans of the action RPG more content to explore. Players should expect a new adventure stage, more story quests, and increase in the game’s level cap.

Currently at level 60, the game’s level cap is set to rise to 80. That should significantly increase the amount of power players can obtain, and may shift the balance of power in the game’s PVP modes.

The story mode will be expanded with three additional quests for players to undertake. The Delegation of Iron Guard, Captain Barbarosa, and King of the Sea. Alongside the new story content, players will be able to try a new adventure stage: Molt Island.

To hype up the upcoming update, Nexon is holding a social sharing event on its Facebook page. Players will receive adventure keys, clear tickets, and costume chests if the update post reaches certain sharing thresholds. The event runs until August 23, 2018 and rewards will be distributed on August 24th.

The global version of action RPG Darkness Rises launched in late June and has quickly surpassed the 10 million downloads mark. The game offers players extensive character customization options and action packed gameplay but relies heavily on auto-play mechanics. While the global version is relatively new, the game has been available for more than a year in South Korea under the name Dark Avenger 3.

Players wondering about the future of Darkness Rises can look to Korea’s Dark Avenger 3 for the likely contents of future updates. Dark Avenger 3 currently has 10 more story stages and 3 more adventure stages than the current version of Darkness Rises. These extra stages and the other content that accompanied them will likely be added to Darkness Rises in future updates. One thing Darkness Rises fans should not look forward to is any new characters. Dark Avenger 3 has stuck to the same four classes it launched with and it is highly unlikely that the game’s global version will change that in the near future.

Darkness Rises is free and contains in app purchases. It’s available on Google Play.

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