Action RPG Darkness Rises Now Available Worldwide

Darkness Rises

Following a soft launch and pre-registration campaign, the global launch of Nexon and Boolean Games’ Darkness Rises has arrived. Known in Korea as Dark Avenger 3, the new action RPG offers extensive character customization and a variety of game modes.

As soon as players start the game they will be given a choice between the game’s four gender locked classes, and then moved onto the game’s deep character customization screen. Unlike some games that let players choose a different hair color and one of a limited number of pre-configured faces, Darkness Rises floods the screen with different options for players to tweak. Want to make a character with freakishly long and skinny limbs? that’s an option. Want an unrealistic skin tone and some massive calves? that’s an option. There are dozens of different sliders to tweak for those so inclined.

After creating their character players are thrown into the game’s tutorial which will serve as an introduction to the game and a few of its modes. Those modes include a standard campaign mode, story missions, a tower to climb, as well as multiple co-op and PVP modes.

The core gameplay of Darkness Rises is fast paced and puts more of an emphasis on player power rather than skill, at least in the single player modes. On each of the game’s stages, players will go from one environment to the next clearing each area of enemies before moving on. Each of the game’s levels culminates in a boss fight against larger foes with more powerful attacks. If a player is powerful enough, it they’re able to just button mash / auto through everything in the single player mode. Raids against giant bosses and PVP do require dodging and in some cases coordination in order to excel.

One of the game’s signature features, a Soul Link system that lets players take control of monsters, plays a much smaller role in the game than one might initially think. It can only be used in predetermined situations and ends when the player reaches a certain point in the stage. While rampaging on the back of an ogre might be fun the first time, the experience can lose its luster quite quickly.

As with many similar games, Darkness Rises has an auto mode that players will likely use to replay levels they have already completed in order to grind gold, and useful things.

Monetization wise, the game is built around loot crates filled with different pieces of equipment, giving paying players an easier road to getting some of the best equipment around.

Darkness Rises is free and contains in app purchases. Here is a trailer with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the new action RPG on Google Play.

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