Nexon’s Action RPG Darkness Rises Passes The 10 Million Download Mark

Darkness Rises

Nexon’s new action RPG Darkness Rises has proven to be quite popular and has surpassed 10 million downloads across all platforms in a little over a month since the game’s global launch.

The 10 million total includes downloads made during the game’s soft launch phase, when it was available to gamers in a number of smaller nations. Along with its popularity, the game currently ranks in the top 100 top grossing games on Google Play in many markets including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Philippines, Thailand, Germany, and Australia. In many cases it is Nexon’s top grossing game in those regions.

On the success of Darkness Rises, Nexon M’s Lawrence Koh stated that

Darkness Rises gives players the option to enjoy what they like best in games, whether its embarking on the single player storyline, participating in PvP or teaming up with friends in Raids. We’re excited to continue to expand the gameplay experience to challenge players in new ways for years to come through new story quests, features and modes, characters, epic bosses, in-game events and much more.

Nexon has already added a new raid boss and new costumes as part of the game’s first major update last month.

To celebrate the milestone, Nexon is rewarding players with daily gold and experience boosts as well as a login bonus event with a bunch of different rewards including gems and special chests.

Darkness Rises launched in June of this year and offers gamers deep character customization options, a multitude of different single and multiplayer modes, as well as visuals that have impressed many of the game’s fans. The game’s auto mode, repetitive grinding, and player versus player features have also elicited some criticism from gamers.

Darkness Rises is one of four Nexon games that currently have over 5 million downloads on Google Play. Established titles HIT, Dynesty Warriors: Unleashed, and DomiNations are the other three, with Big Huge Games’ DomiNation being the only one of Nexon’s games to surpass 10 million downloads through Google Play. These totals do not take into account regional version of Nexon’s games.

While Nexon looks to have found success with both Darkness Rises and MapleStory M, which recently passed 3 million downloads, it has been trimming its catalog in the past few months. The company has shut down, or announced the impending closures of, games like Titanfall: Assault and Mabinogi Duel, as well as transferring service of Fantasy War Tactics R to Valfoe.

Not all of the company’s recent releases have been as popular as MapleStory M or Darkness Rises. The previously launched Master of Eternity, Returners, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of CaoCao have all failed to get past the 500,000 downloads mark on Google Play.

Nexon currently has more games in the works, including MARVEL Battle Lines, a card game featuring MARVEL characters that is currently in its pre-registration phase. The Korean publisher also has a number of games that are in their soft launch phases, including the aforementioned Battle Lines, Power Rangers: All Stars, and head-to-head strategy game MapleStory Blitz.

Darkness Rises is available on Google Play.

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