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Dare to Face: A New Minimalist Puzzle Game

Have you ever looked at Square Enix’s GO series, or the recently released Geostorm, and thought to yourself, “What if this had minimalist graphics?”. Well, Dare to Face attempts to answer that question. The new turn-based puzzle game from Khobeo Studios offers gameplay similar to the previously mentioned games, but uses a minimalist graphical style more reminiscent of games like Hook.

In Dare to Face, players take the role of a dot as they navigate their way to the exit node on each level. Between the dot and the exit stand various enemies. Some of the enemies pace back and forth along the grid that is this game’s map, some stand still, while others rotate in place at the end of each turn. These enemies can easily be taken down if approached from behind or from the sides, clearing the path for the heroic dot. It is a true simple puzzle game, and those looking for a more complex variant of the same should take a look at Hitman GO or Geostorm.

Dare to Face is $0.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases. Here’s some gameplay footage:

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